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FAQ’s for Chicago Pet Sitting Service Sunshine Pet and Home Care

Your Chicago Pet Sitting Service

Sunshine Home and Pet Care wants to love your pets like you do.
Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ’s.

About Our Mission:

We donate $1 per walk and pet sit and $3 overnight to PAWS, a no kill animal shelter in Chicago. Interested in knowing more? See our Mission page for more details.

Our services are 100% guaranteed – we’re so confident we’ll exceed your expectations and we back it up with our satisfaction guarantee!

Ready to get started? Give us a call at (773) 299-6580 or fill out the form on the New Client Request Page under the Schedule Now section.

Why Hire Sunshine Home and Pet Care?

Your pets are happy at home. Let them stay there when you go away. Our experienced and reliable pet sitters will care for your pets in their favorite place – home. This reduces the stress of having you gone.

There are very few reasons to keep your furry loved one locked up in a kennel anymore.  Loving care from Sunshine Pet and Home Care is now available in your home whenever you can’t be there.

What Happens On Your Visits.
  • We feed your pets as instructed
  • Change the water
  • Walk the dogs
  • Play, pet and brush your pets
  • Clean the litter box
  • Handle any medication
  • Clean up any “accidents”
  • Bring in the mail/packages
  • Water plants
Do You Do Monday-Friday Dog Walks?

When you’re working long hours it can be tough on your dog to “hold” it for 10 or 12 hours. Let go of your guilt and know your dog is having a fantastic time on a mid-day dog walk.

We schedule mid-day walks between 10-2. Sometimes we’ll even include the doggie cam. This camera attaches to your pet’s collar so you can see the world through your pet’s eyes.

Dogs need the exercise and mental stimulation a regular mid-day walk provides. Plus, you don’t immediately have to grab the leash and head out for a 45 minute walk after a long day at work.

How Do I Prepare For The Meet and Greet?

We’ll send you the paperwork ahead of time so you can look it over and sign it. That way, we can focus on interacting with your pet (s) and learning where things are while we’re there.

You will need to have two sets of keys available to your pet sitter. Your sitter keeps one key while the second key is kept in a locked box in the main office as a backup. You can ask for your keys back at anytime.

Speaking of Back Up…As a professional pet sitter, it’s our responsibility to have a backup plan in case of emergencies, vacations or sickness. It happens.

Will You Be The Only Pet Sitter?
Many people want to know there is continuity and the same person will always care for their pets. The answer is yes, you’ll have the same pet sitter excepting vacations, emergencies, etc. and you’ll always be notified if there is a change.
How Do I Schedule?

You can schedule pet care through our website by clicking on the Current Client Login page in the Schedule Now section.  That’ll take you to our Leashtime software that holds all your information, helps you schedule, and even takes care of payments.  You can also call us at (773) 299-6580 or send us an email at

If you have a last minute request, please call (773) 299-6580 to ensure we receive your request in a timely manner. There may be a $10 charge for last minute visits due to rescheduling needs.

Office hours are 9-6 Mon-Fri.   Sat. 10-4.

Payment: Sunshine Pet and Home Care accepts Paypal (which allows Visa and MasterCard), Cash, Checks,  and payments at our initial Meet and Greet.

Do You Have A Minimum Of Visits While We're On Vacation?

Yes. We always consider the comfort and safety of your pets. That means dogs always get three visits a day and if you’re gone for more than 5 days, we require some overnight visits to reduce stress on your pets.

What's Your Cancellation Policy?

We get it, plans change. Our cancellation policy is 24 hours. There will be a 50%charge if less than 24 hours.

During busy holiday times we’ve turned down bookings in order to care for your pets. For this reason, holiday cancellation is 7 days or we charge 50%.  If less than 24 hours, the full fee is non-refundable.  Sorry, we don’t like doing this, but holidays are extremely busy and our sitters are scheduling their lives around being there for the pets in their care.

Do I Need To Provide Doggie Bags?

No. We’ll supply biodegradable doggie bags for our walks. You supply the leash, the collar and the dog.

It's Chicago, What Do You Do During Bad Weather?

Our motto is “Safety First” for both our pet sitters and your pets. If the weather outside is frightful and we’re not able to get out in it, we’ll let you know and make up the walk later at no charge.

Although most dogs handle the cold and heat better than us humans, they still have their limits.  When it’s extremely cold or hot (i.e. above 90 degrees), we’ll shorten our time outside for their safety and spend more time with cuddle and playtime indoors.

Do You Have References?

Yes we do. We’ll be happy to share references with you. Just ask!

We Love Referrals!

If you refer a client who signs up for a monthly dog walk or hygiene services, you’ll get 3 free pet visits or dog walks.

Can I Tip My Petsitter?

Of course! It’s never expected but always appreciated.

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We serve the Andersonville, Edgewater, Uptown, Lakeshore, Lakeview and Lincoln Park neighborhoods of Chicago.

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