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Pet Sitting Services

When you go away you can’t always take your pets with you. But you can leave them in good hands with Sunshine Pet Care.

Pets love a routine. They’re most comfortable in their familiar surroundings and appreciate their favorite napping space and following their daily routines with someone they know and trust.  When routines change, they experience stress, just like us humans.

That’s why we tailor our services to match your pet’s individual routine so that their stress, and yours, is minimized while you’re at work or away on vacation.  With Sunshine Pet Care’s outstanding staff of caregivers, you can work and travel with peace of mind, knowing that your loved ones are in reliable and caring hands.

Our dog walks provide that all-important social interaction, mental stimulation, and exercise – in addition to a much-needed potty break.  We’ll encourage their good behaviors with positive reinforcement to help shorten their training and maintain it. 

Overnight Pet Services

That’s right, we even provide overnight sitting services in your home.  Whether you’re away on an overnight business trip in Topeka or finally taking on that quest to climb Everest, we’ll be there to keep your pets on their regular routine in the comfort of their own home.

We’ll take them out for their usual walks in the morning and evening (except for cats….that’d just be silly), make sure they get their 2 square meals a day, any medications, and lots of cuddling and playtime.  Your sitter will be there from 6pm – 6am every night until your return.

We’ll also text you daily updates and some cute pics to keep you connected and show you how much fun and love they’re getting while you’re away.

*Depends on pet sitter availability.  We know last minute things pop up all the time, but it’s best to give us as much notice as possible, especially around any holidays

House Sitting Services

Don’t have any pets, you say?  No need to worry about keeping your home safe, your plants watered, and your mail from building up while you’re away.  Our staff of caregivers are happy to stay at your home every night from 7pm to 6am and ease your mind by taking care of all that for you.

We service Arlington Heights, Prospect Heights, Palatine, Mount Prospect, Rolling Meadows, Wheeling, and Buffalo Grove.