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December 28, 2016

“If your pet requires serious 5-star care in your absence, be it for a walk or a week, Chris ensures that they have it all.  It’s just the way he works. It’s in his K9 DNA.

Chris is a consummate pro in pet-responsibility, truly an expert and leader in the field.  Very protective of his pet and human clients (well educated, well experienced, well bonded, well insured, etc, of course), he’s well-known and well-respected across the Chicagoland area (better schedule him early, like way before you buy your airline tickets – he’s booked well in advance), and he’s a pet-whisperer or something really special to the four-legged kind (honestly our dogs seem happier than the way we left them 10 days ago!), and he’s just a damn good guy, thoughtful, polite, respectful, cool – one of the best caretakers of both our dogs and our home we’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.

I hate this yelp kind of, only for two reasons: 1. Now I’ll likely have to eventually compete with you for Chris’ time :(  and 2. I feel like my Mom when I went off to sleep-away camp for the first time camp for 3 weeks at 8 years old and had a total blast and never wanted to leave, and my poor Mom was completely heart-broken that I wasn’t home-sick.  Our dogs seemingly didn’t miss us at all.  But that’s actually really awesome – it shows they were very well taken care of, physically and spiritually and poochally.  Thank you Chris!”  …What’s that!?  Oh, Mugsford and Kednocker thank you too