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Dog Walking

We LOVE walks almost as much as your pup! Your Sunshine Pet and Home Care dog walker will be there to give your pup the daily exercise and potty breaks they need to live their best doggie life!

Pet Sitting & Overnights

Our “Two Paws Up” Pet care keeps your pets happy. Pets love a routine. They’re most comfortable in their familiar surroundings and appreciate their favorite napping spaces. Our overnight pet care keeps their routine stable when you’re away.

We Offer the Highest Quality Pet Services Available in Arlington Heights, Prospect Heights, Palatine, Wheeling, Mount Prospect!

Our Testimonials

Client Henry Love Says

Chris is the best kind of person to take care of your dog. You can tell right away that he genuinely cares about animals and animals gravitate towards him. My dog, Ziggy, was ecstatic every time Chris came by our home. The first time my wife and I left Ziggy at home during a vacation, we were worried sick about how it would affect him. Chris was absolutely great at keeping us updated on how Ziggy was doing and we could tell he was taking the time to really make sure Ziggy was okay. Chris knows that walking a dog is only half of what the dog needs. He spent the time to engage Ziggy mentally and emotionally comfort him. I really can’t say enough good things about Chris and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for someone they can truly trust with their animals.

Client Garratt H Says

If your pet requires serious 5-star care in your absence, be it for a walk or a week, Chris ensures that they have it all.  It’s just the way he works. It’s in his K9 DNA.

Chris is a consummate pro in pet-responsibility, truly an expert and leader in the field.  Very protective of his pet and human clients (well educated, well experienced, well bonded, well insured, etc, of course), he’s well-known and well-respected across the Chicagoland area (better schedule him early, like way before you buy your airline tickets – he’s booked well in advance), and he’s a pet-whisperer or something really special to the four-legged kind (honestly our dogs seem happier than the way we left them 10 days ago!), and he’s just a damn good guy, thoughtful, polite, respectful, cool – one of the best caretakers of both our dogs and our home we’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Thank you Chris!  …What’s that!?  Oh, Mugsford and Kednocker thank you too

Client Martha Melgoza Says

I thought you were wonderful with Gemma and you added the taking care of the house part which always made me feel better about going away. No one had ever asked about the water shut off,etc. You spent a good amount of time with the intake of the information on our first get together and that was most reassuring. No one before or since has taken such care to be aware of all the details for pet and home owners when we go away. Your reporting about the time spent at the house while we were away was always good hear as well. I would recommend you to all who have pets and want a caring and responsible pet care person. I was sad when you left.

We Donate a Portion of Profits From Every Dog Walk, Pet Sitting Visit, and Overnight to Local Rescues and Shelters